Need to Sell a Property but have work to do???  We Can Help

We work side by side with our Sales Division, Paramount Realty to assist sellers with repairs

and improvement projects to help maximize their asking price and in turn net proceeds at close.

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Giving Back


We are Committed to Giving Back to the Community and Make Donations to Local Charities with Every Home we Buy & Sell.

Quality COMMITMEnt

We are COMMITTED to spending ample time in each property we renovate.  We do this to insure that we are providing a QUALITY forever home to its new owners.

               Now Serving Communities in California AND Washington

                                 PARAMOUNT PROPERTIES, LLC

Our motto!


We believe we can make a difference in the community by helping people who are struggling in a property by giving them an easy and fast way out.  Our offers are flexible and provide cash and time to move.  We then transform that property into a Paramount Home for a new family to call home.  By doing so we improve the neighborhood, give an old home new life, and increase values in the community.

We also assist sellers in the repairs and improvements a property may need to avoid issues with inspections as well as increasing the value of the property and in turn putting more money in the sellers Net Proceeds.  Upon listing it with our sales division, Paramount Realty.  800.230.5406  

We love the communities in which we serve and it is a passion of ours to work with sellers to preserve the beauty and higher values in the neighborhoods in which they sell.