John Rodgers / our ceo -  Comes from a business and banking background.  John was a bank Branch Manager in the Sacramento area.  He also has extensive experience in real estate acquisition and real estate renovation.  John purchased his first distressed property as his own home, renovated it and called it home for fourteen years.  John still owns that property as a rental today.  It was this experience that gave John the drive to do the same for other families.  John has also owned local businesses in both El Dorado and Amador County as well as Reno, Nevada.  He purchased , built and resold each creating a life for their buyers and services for the communities in which they serve.  John has created a name for himself in the community as being honest and reputable.  He has created many relationships and contacts with people in the community.

About us

nancy petrucela / our vice president - Brings her knowledge gained from years in the Banking Industry as well as Real Estate Investments from a Commercial Office Building in San Francisco , CA to Residential Rental Properties in both California and Washington.  Nancy has been in the Business, Banking and Real Estate arenas throughout her careers and brings the knowledge gained to the daily operations of our company. The crews and team love it when she pulls up to a newly acquired property and says "what are you guys thinking? "   Then upon completion " wow, you guys sure make me proud"  Nancy's favorite part of this industry is watching the transformation happen to our projects. 


oliver wolcott/ our sub contracted california project foreman - In 2007 Oliver graduated from Sacramento State University with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Real Estate and Land Use Affairs.  Real Estate and Real Estate Development has been an interest of Oliver's since his teenage years.  He acquired his first rental property at age 19.  Oliver is also the Broker of Record to our sister company Paramount Realty Located in Roseville , CA . 

PARAMOUNT - is a family owned and operated company serving both california and washington communities with integrity at the fore front of all we do.  from our Ceo and vice president to our vp of construction services- our family always has your family's future interest at heart when renovating one of our investment properties or working on your home to help get it ready for sale! 

richard cherry / our vp of construction services -  Son in Law to Nancy and Brother in Law to John , Rich runs our Construction Services Division with the same care and detail he puts into his personal life and family.   Rich takes serious the quality in his as well as any sub contractor's work that is performing work on our projects.  Rich lives his life and runs our Construction Division with Detail at the front of his mind from the moment he wakes and starts work until he ends his day.  Rich says, "looking back as I walk out of our projects upon completion is one of the most fulfilling things I get to do with my professional life".... you can rest assured, with Rich on the job----you have quality!